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Honduras Collaboration

We would like to thank Dr. Luther Castillo Harry for his collaboration and hosting our research efforts in Honduras. Dr. Luther is a Harvard Kennedy School Alumnus and has been deeply involved in healthcare in Honduras, specifically in the rural areas of the ethnic Garifuna community. Our CEO, Dr. Wisam Breegi took a ten day trip across west, central and eastern Honduras and met with many local health workers, doctors, politicians and local families. In total, nine areas were visited over a thousand mile journey collecting preliminary data on neonatal care and the healthcare infrastructure of the rural clinics and regional hospitals.
We are very excited to return to further develop our prototype as a team, and we cannot thank the people of Honduras enough for their warm hospitality and generosity. These communities are exactly why we chose to develop this technology, and they will make an ideal setting for proving our disposal incubator's capabilities to save thousands of lives.
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